ACCEUIL is a web platform that enables Africans to learn and invest safely in the most innovative and trendy projects emerging elsewhere and on the continent.

We deploy pan-African digital solutions with an inclusive social impact.

With blockchain and smart-contracts, we are building a digital, transparent and secure ecosystem to make African businesses as well as individuals more viable and competitive through blockchain solutions that meet their expectations, enabling them to grow and contribute to Africa’s economic empowerment, job creation and growth.


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Empower anyone, anywhere in Africa through blockchain.’s mission is to accelerate the global transition to crypto-currency.

This project has a double objective:

Our values. Our foundations


It is the future of our business. With creativity and imagination, we strive to create the solutions of the future by enriching our know-how with innovative research and technologies to provide our users with even better service quality and added value.

Team spirit

We believe in team spirit. Loyalty is the basis of our vocation. A value that has always been anchored in our habits. It is the union of all our talents that forges our team spirit. It gives meaning to the relationship we build with our users, partners and investors.

User satisfaction

In a world in perpetual motion, we are determined to surpass ourselves to find the right solution every time, by combining intelligence, talent and technology. Our solutions are results-oriented and we continuously analyze our performance to ensure the lasting effectiveness and adaptability of our services to African realities.


Whatever your level of commitment, your social class or your level of education, our solutions integrate into your processes and adapt to any individual or company wishing to increase their cash flow and their monthly income.